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2023年3月12日至17日 新加坡华族文化中心

IMPRESSION SINGAPORE National Day Art Exhibition
[11.08.2022] 印象新加坡 国庆美展 2022

ASIA Pacific Grand Art Exhibition 2022
[09.07.2022] 亚太艺术展2022新加坡

An Art Assembly Stephen Leong & Students Art Exhibition 2022
[16.07.2022] 毅渊才莫 梁振康师生书画艺术展 2022

《Singapore Fine Art Federation Honorary Invitational Exhibition》- Peter Huang Ji Fa Fine Art Masters Exhibition
《新加坡美术总会名家荣誉邀请展》系列第五场 - 黄矶法美术名家展

April 26 - April 30, 2022 at 9 @ Tagore lane #04-10 Singapore 787472 within 5 days, from Tuesday to Saturday.

2022年4月26 - 4月30 在美术总会 汤森路会所展厅连续展出5天,从周二至周六。美术总会名家荣誉邀请展系列已经开展了5期,分别是: [2021.4.26-30 林子平 Lim Tze Peng] ; [2021.6.26  欧阳兴义 Au Yeung Hing Yee] ; [2021.9.1 何家梁  Dr Ho Kah Leong's Solo Exhibition] ; [2021.12.28 洪云生 Ang Hoon Seng] ; [2022.4.26-30 黄矶法 Peter Huang] ;


In order to better promote the digital development of Singapore's art scene and interaction with new media, and to improve the information and historical records of painters.

FASS, in order to complement future painting exhibitions and cultural exchange activities, under the leadership of the President, the Society will be doing offline activities as well as large-scale online painting exhibitions and information collation.

FASS completed a new version of its website in May 2022, adding a directory of painting societies in Singapore.

We hope that all painting societies can use this platform to promote their works and submit them online enthusiastically, and also upload their own logos and contact information and activities, so as to share and interconnect, and enhance our future development with digital support.

Events Recommend

Elegant Strokes Exquisite Art 秒笔生花2023国际女性艺术家作品展
第23届国际书画交流会 日本2023年3月 第23届国际书画交流会 日本2023年3月
亚太艺术展2022慈善拍卖艺术品展 亚太艺术展2022慈善拍卖艺术品展
我认识的黄矶法先生 我认识的黄矶法先生
“妙笔生花”第六届国际女性艺术家作品展 “妙笔生花”第六届国际女性艺术家作品展
后疫情时期新加坡美术面对的机遇与挑战 《艺见曙光》【新报】
Impression Singapore 2022 印象新加坡
Asia Pacific Grand Art Exhibition 2022 亚太艺术展2022新加坡

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SGD $ 500.00

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Talk About

1. To coordinate the promotion of visual art in Singapore.
2. To coordinate & promote the interests of artists & societies.
3. To promote Singapore as a regional hub for Art Societies.

Singapore as a Visual Art Hub The Federation has been working to position Singapore as a visual art hub by facilitating transnational collaborations. The recent Singapore-Malaysia-China, Indonesia Chinese Art Exchange Exhibition in 2008 and the New Expression of Asian Art Exhibition co-organized by the Federation facilitated interactions and dialogues between artists from various countries in Asia.

About President 会长简介

新加坡美术总会现任会长梁振康先生(Stephen Leong Chun Hong),字秒康,别号建行。1974年毕业于新加坡南洋艺术学院,1980年毕业于英国诺丁汉大学美术与艺术系,后留学澳大利亚,取得澳大利亚墨尔本皇家理工大学纯艺术硕士学位,先后执教于新加坡南洋艺术学院、新加坡拉萨尔新航艺术学院22年。 梁振康先生1951年生于新加坡,祖籍广东新会,早年随陈景昭先生习书画,梁老在新加坡、中国、日本、印度尼西亚、马来西亚、澳大利亚、新西兰等举办个人画展二十余次。 1970-1971年获得新加坡全国青年节艺术中国画奖;1987年获得新加坡交通与新闻部艺术优秀奖;1994年获得新加坡大华银行全国美术大赛中国画第一名;2003年获得新加坡"陈之初(博士)艺术奖";2003年获得韩国亚细亚美术展大奖。其作品受到新加坡李氏基金会的高度重视,是近年来东南亚艺术品投资的热门,并广被国内外艺术馆及政府机构、企业财团收藏。 出版:《梁振康六十(1951-2011)甲子作品集》 《梁氏兄弟画集》 《梁振康书画集》 1992-2000年度《梁振康艺术作品展》, 2021年度《梁振康70作品展》等。

About FASS

The Federation of Art Societies was officially registered with the Registrar of Societies on 24th January 1992. The federation has organized various platforms such as exhibitions, publications, workshops, public programmers, forum as well as going online to develop visual art in Singapore. The Federation comprises of twenty-four art societies working towards recognizing the contributions of artists, and promoting cultural exchanges between artists from Singapore and abroad.

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